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Hair Removal Products

Hair Removal Devices –


Having hair on our body is always discomforting to some, although having hair is natural, I know that it could have a major impact on our confidence. That’s why I found you a list of products which will remove your hair at your own convenience – giving you long-lasting and permanent result.

Unlike a razor blade or wax strips -  these hair removal devices are high quality choices for many men and women. With these positively reviewed products you won’t have the hassle of ever having to shave again!

I will be sharing the newest technology to remove hair in the market - Intensified Pulsed Light technology devices that you can use at your own convenience that will take the place of the continuous use of wax or shavers. You will never feel the pain or irritation of other treatments again.





Fridabo At-Home IPL Hair Removal for Women and Men, Permanent Laser Hair Removal - £35.00


This device is ranked 142 in Light Hair Removal Devices


This Intensified Pulsed Light (IPL) hair removal device uses gentle pulses of light to prevents the cycle of regrowing hair. Unlike shaving, you will not experience ingrown hairs.

Although this product is a lot cheaper than other products, it comes with 999,999 flashes which is the same usage as the more expensive devices. This means that you will not need to buy a cartridge or in fact anything to continue your hair-free journey – this single product will be enough for life-long usage.  

The only difference from the boujee, higher end products is the way the device is built; this Fridabo device looks like an epilator and is probably more difficult to reach complicated areas.


I’d say its still so worth the buy – as it saves you the money of continuous laser hair removal treatment, the irritation of shaving and the pain of waxing.


ARTOLF Laser Hair Removal IPL Hair Removal for Women and Men Permanent Painless at-Home Device – £75.76

Ranked 19 in Light Hair Removal Devices

Product rating is 4.5 stars by 16,675 purchasers.



Whilst shaving and waxing works as a short-term solution, this ARTOLF IPL device gives you a life long supply of laser hair removal treatment at your own home. After the initial treatment phase, you will experience no regrowth for up to 6 months, until you need to use the device again – isn’t that just so convenient? And, any hair that grows back are so fine you won’t even notice them!


This product gives you 5 options to choose the level of energy you want applied and also whether you want to use the device manually or automatically. Depending on the intensity of your choice, there is visible hair reduction in just 4 weeks and 74% hair reduction after 12 sessions. With this gentle yet fast method of hair-removal your hair is reduced in any area of your choice.



With this product it saves you time, money and pain! Give it a go so that you can be hair-free by the time its summer.






BoSidin at-Home Hair Removal Device Pro for Women & Men - £331.30


I want you to know a product that will 100% boost your confidence.

It even removes thick/coarse hair.  

I always thought beauty was painful and costly, however, after tumbling upon this device I realised that this product is an easy to use pulse technology device. It reaches the hair at the root to suppress hair regrowth. This device will actually leave you with a healthier and clearer complexion.  

You know when you’ve removed your hair, showered, buttered and applied lotion to your skin – you feel like a glazed donut – all perfected with shiny skin. This product is the new generation of medical-grade systems that will give you longer lasting and more effective results.

This product comes with 4 different attachments so you can remove hair from all parts of your body with ease.



  • Most cost-effective hair-removal method in the long run, as you could become hair-free at your own convenience instead of going to the salon twice a month for a wax, why not invest in a product that is affordable yet provides long-lasting results


  • Targets a wide range of areas such as face, arms, legs, underarms, bikini line, etc.


  • Not only does this product remove your hair, it also restores your skin cells leaving you with a clearer complexion – it comes with an option to rejuvenate the skin reducing wrinkles and restoring the skins elasticity


  • Only a one-off purchase for a life-long supply of manipulating regrowth of hair


In 8 to 12 weeks you could be hair-free!


About the manufacturer –

BoSidin has collaborate with experts to perform hair removal tests on 2, 000 users, and 96% of users experienced noticeable results. Normally human hair needs 3 months to experience a complete treatment cycle and most of the users can received a noticeable results after 8~12weeks treatment. However, as the hair in different parts of the body has different growth cycles, and there are differences among human skin tone, hair colour, and hair properties, so the effect of hair removal may vary from individual.

To ensure a worry-free experience, we provide** 180-day money-back satisfaction guarantee and 2-year free quality warranty as well as timely customer service within 24hrs. Please feel free to trying the device according to the direction within our 180 days guarantee period and slowly observe the effect. If there is no effect, please do not hesitate to contact and we will solve the problem for you ASAP.






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